The real Cross, the temple of God!


Source: On Idolatry (Tertullian)

For since even without an idol idolatry is committed, when the idol is there it makes no difference of what kind it be, of what material, or what shape; lest any should think that only to be held an idol which is consecrated in human shape. To establish this point, the interpretation of the word is requisite. Eidos, in Greek, signifies form; eidolon, derived diminutively from that, by an equivalent process in our language, makes formling. Every form or formling, therefore, claims to be called an idol. Hence idolatry is all attendance and service about every idol. Hence also, every artificer of an idol is guilty of one and the same crime, unless, the People which consecrated for itself the likeness of a calf, and not of a man, fell short of incurring the guilt of idolatry.

None, putting his hand on the plough, and looking back, is fit for work. But I was under contract. None can serve two lords. If you wish to be the Lord's disciple, it is necessary you take your cross, and follow the Lord: your cross; that is, your own straits and tortures, or your body only, which is after the manner of a cross.